5 Things to Know Before Buying a Used Washer

used washer

Imagine a time when you’ve only recently moved homes, and your finances are tight. Despite these hardships, you’ll still have to furnish your home with essential appliances such as a washer to do your laundry. To help save a little money, however, you may consider purchasing a used washer if anyone is selling them. But before putting down a deposit for the very first used washer you come across, you’ll want to take note of some important key points when buying a used washer. This is to ensure you’re making the right investment, even if it’s for temporary use.

And without further due, here are the 5 things to know before buying a used washer.

Some Brands are Better than Others

Now we’re not saying that branded things are always better, but you should only consider buying used washers from reliable brands. This is to ensure you won’t have problems when it comes to issues like finding parts for repair or finding a technician with the skills to repair them. Washers from reliable brands are also known to be longer-lasting, so you’ll (hopefully) be able to use the washer for a longer period.

How Old is the Washer?

As with most appliances, washers will also break down with regular wear and tear. On average, you shouldn’t purchase any used washers that are more than 2 to 3 years old to avoid maintenance issues. In case you’re strapped for choices, do ensure that the washer has been properly cared for by its previous owners, so you won’t be left with a broken washer after several uses.

What is the Washer Capacity?

A washer’s capacity is based on its drum size. In a regular situation, washers can take from 3kg to 9kg or laundry loads. Most household sizes would often have a washer that can take up to 7kg of laundry if they want to reduce laundry frequency. Larger washer capacities mean you can accumulate your laundry more often, so you can save water and electricity by only running your washer once a week instead of multiple times.

Front-load or Top-load, and Why?

Do you want a washer with a front load or top load? This is something you’ll have to ask yourself, although top load washers have become more popular of late. This may be due to several reasons like the ease of maintenance, affordability, and ease of use. Front-loading machines, however, are known to last longer and are more energy-efficient. By the end of the day, this is a matter of preference in washer use.

Is the Washer in Good Working Condition?

Finally, you’ll want to ensure you’re buying a used washer that is still in good working conditions. One way to know is by testing it before paying to bring it home. Do ensure that the spin cycle still works fine, and you don’t hear any odd noises to know that the washer is in working condition. Other details to look out for include the presence of rust in the drum, damage on the body, or odd odor from the used washer.

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