7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Dryer

used dryer

Buying a used dryer can be a great decision or a big mistake. You can find a fantastic deal, but beware — If you don’t ask the right questions, then you could end up making a costly mistake. Be sure to ask these 7 questions when buying a used dryer.

#1 – How old is the dryer?

The first and probably most important question you should ask when buying a used dryer is how old it is. Most dryers have a life span of 10-13 years, and so you should avoid a dryer this age if you don’t want to end up with costly repairs bills.

#2 – What is the dryer’s energy efficiency?

The last thing you want is a dryer that costs a fortune to use. Make sure when purchasing a used dryer that you know how energy efficient it is. Models made within the past 10 years are much more efficient than previous generations, and gas dryers tend to be slightly more efficient than electric.

#3 – Is the dryer still under warranty?

Newer dryers will come with either a one, two, or three-year warranty on parts and labour. However, if the dryer you’re considering is older than that, it’s still possible that the previous owner purchased an extended warranty, which might be transferable to you.

#4 – Will the dryer come with an owner’s manual?

Having an owner’s manual is more important than you might realize. If the dryer has a malfunction or suddenly stops working, having the manual may allow you to troubleshoot and fix the problem for yourself without needing to pay a professional.

#5 – What features does the dryer have?

Different brands offer different features with their dryers, but there is one particular feature that you should be sure to seek out. Dryers with moisture or dryness sensors can adjust their temperature and drying time automatically, which can increase their efficiency and decrease your utility bill.

#6 – How loud is the dryer when it’s operating?

If your dryer is in your garage or someplace where the sounds won’t be an issue, then that’s ideal. But for some, the volume of the dryer when in use can be disruptive. Make sure to ask how loud the dryer is when it’s operating and whether or not it’s been making any unusual noises lately. Remember, there’s a reason that they’re selling it.

#7 – What is the capacity of the dryer?

Knowing how much laundry the dryer can dry at one time is an important consideration. Ensure that you get a dryer that will handle the size of your typical load and inquire about the dimensions. You don’t want to get stuck with a dryer that won’t fit into the space that you’ve allotted for it.

When buying any used appliance, you must do your homework and find out what you’re getting into, but asking these 7 questions will allow you to make sure that your next used dryer will be a good investment and work well for years to come.

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